Patio, Brick & Paver Cleaning

We will professionally clean your paver or brick patio, driveway or walkways and reseal them.

Get Your Paver or Brick Surfaces Expertly Cleaned

We clean paver patios, brick patios or any other paver surface.

If your driveway and patio have lost their original sheen due to accumulated dirt and grime, any effort to clean them yourself will prove futile. Stubborn stains and accumulated dirt won’t respond to normal cleaning products and methods. At best, you’ll have a moderately clean driveway and patio after hours of backbreaking work.

Magic Bubbles Austin will restore your driveway and patio to their former glory. Our technicians use specialized cleaning equipment and powerful, yet eco-friendly, cleaners that clean great without adversely impacting the environment.

Sealing pavers and brick can really extend the life of your patio or diveway. Paver and brick surfaces can get dirty quickly. Water, sunlight, and air can penetrate the surface of a patio/driveway, causing extensive damage. Applying a quality driveway/patio sealer is a great way to protect them from damage and increase their durability and lifespan.

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What a Difference Pressure Washing Can Make

Transform your paver or brick patio or driveway with our professional power washing services.