Fence & Deck Cleaning

We will professionally clean your exterior wood surfaces and restore them to almost new condition.

Get Your Wood Fence or Deck Expertly Cleaned

We clean all exterior wood surfaces.

Magic Bubbles uses a signature deck and fence cleaner formulated for cleaning all types of lumber and various fence and deck structures. The result is complete wood  restoration without any damage to your structure.

Over time wood fencing and decks age, turn gray and absorb all kinds of dirt and grime. Often wood can appear to need replacing, but you would be surprised what a pressure washing we can do to restore your wood. Our pressure washing process actually removes the top layer of the wood, exposing fresh "new" wood. When we're done, your wood fence or deck may look as good as new.

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What a Difference Pressure Washing Can Make

Transform your wood fencing or deck with our professional power washing services.